Sunday, May 4, 2014

Live at your own pace

In life I have always been a bit of a late bloomer. When I was younger it didn’t really matter. I couldn’t be bothered with how my accomplishments measured up to those of my peers. However, once you grow older it certainly becomes more difficult to ignore the pace at which everyone else is living their lives.

In the last 6 months my two best friends both reached major milestones in their lives. One got married and the other, newly engaged, started planning her wedding. This obviously caused a whole lot of “so when are you getting married” questions to be shot my way. I mean really? Is it fair for people to assume that just because my best friends took the plunge, I should be doing the same otherwise I’ll be the odd one out? While I definitely want to get married one day, I am really still trying to figure out most things in my life. This made me think, could you imagine if we all lived at the same pace? Imagine how tedious and ordinary life would be. There would be no learning from each other, no surprises in life and nothing to make us different from one another.  We would all think and live the SAME.

It’s difficult when you feel like others are achieving way more than you are even though you work just as hard. But the truth is that we all live at a different pace for a reason. You can’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s tenth chapter. Live your life at your own pace. You’ll soon realise you are exactly where you are supposed.

                                                              TILL LATER, LAUREN!

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