Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Trend: Top to toe colour

Are you brave enough to wear one colour top to toe. I certainly wasn't at first. I always thought it looked way too gimmicky or like you are really trying too hard. But as with everything in life; a few expertly styled shoots and a streetstyle look or two and I'm leaning towards experimenting with the trend myself.

Look I'm not talking about incorporating a few colourful pieces into your everyday look. I'm talking about being knee deep in one colour. The kind that you see on street style stars and celebrities in the FROW.

This post was mostly brought on by the fact that I have to wear a uniform to and one that's all navy. I constantly have to find ways to inspire myself. But listen, you can't just throw an outfit together. There are a few tricks to keeping your look sleek and sophisticated. These are not expert tips by any means; just a few pointers that I think you should consider.

Wearing one colour makes you look a whole lot taller so it's perfect for shorter ,petite frames. This is ideal for me since I'm shorter than I would like to be.

A monotone look can border on being boring but, to avoid this, play with different textures. Think about mixing tulle with leather or perhaps lace with silk. Also adding different shades of one colour will elevate your look.

Matching your cover up to your outfit is another way to add sophistication to your ensemble. But be sure to not match your accessories as well. You dont want to look like the monotone monster threw up on you.

Add some sexy to your look by pairing thigh high boots in the same colour as the rest of your outfit.

Keep your accessories and shoes neutral when you add them to your look. You want the look to still be classy and clean.

I cant wait to share my first monotone lookpost. Are you keen to try the trend? I would love to hear from you!

*I do not take credit for the images in this post