Tuesday, May 30, 2017

These boots were made for...

Never in my life have I been so excited about a pair of shoes. When my boyfriend decided to get me my dream over the knee boots for my birthday I immediately started dreaming up a million ways I would wear it. As you can imagine...having a look in your head doesn't always translate perfectly in real life and that's exactly what happened to me.

I had a specific idea of how I wanted to wear it and when that didn't come together I was miserable. Miserable to the point where I wanted to cancel the plans I had . In an effort to cheer me up,  my boyfriend said something that really stuck with me. He told me that everything doesn't always work out the way we planned and that with fashion (and everything else) one should always be ready to switch things up and be flexible.

Yes, I went with a completely different look but, I still had an amazing time. (I didn't take any pictures however). I was a little ashamed of acting like a complete fashion brat but, it was mostly an eye opener for me. I really needed to stop being so fixated on the images I had in my head. I decided to wear the boots with some jeans and a plain t-shirt to run some errands. While the outfit is pretty basic; the boots give it a bit of an edge.

*Jeans and tshirt: Mr Price
*Necklace : TheFix
*Boots: Identity
*Rings: Lovisa
*Glasses : Gifted
Life and fashion can be unpredictable...from now, I'll be ready.