Tuesday, May 27, 2014

REVIEW: Cinderella's Secret Body Scrub

As you may or may not have guessed by now I am a huge fan of Cinderella’s Secret products. So far everything I have used has been so luxurious, so decadent! I have already reviewed two of my favourite products from the brand read post here and today I would like to talk about one that caught me completely off guard: The Love Potion Body Scrub.

Generally I am not too fond of body scrubs simply because I hate having to spend a good couple of minutes actually rinsing the stuff off. However, this time that was not the case at all. From the moment you lather the product on you feel pampered (I know I did). It has a rich and creamy formula that makes you feel both relaxed and revived at the same time. And, it rinses off easily. No hard labour involved.
 I have to say that my absolute favourite thing about the body scrub is the way it smells. I wanted to use it for a while before doing a review and I am beyond amazed. It leaves my skin feeling supple and cared for every time. As far as I know it retails for under R30 so you really have no excuse not to indulge. 

* please note that this was not a sponsored post.

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                                                                TILL LATER, LAUREN!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

CKO turns 1!

Even as I am typing this, it still feels unreal. How did I manage to blog for a whole year when I am so used to not finishing things? The answer is simple: this blog has been my saving grace. It is the one place where I can to share my thoughts and I don’t have to sugar coat anything. This blog has helped me overcome so many obstacles in the last year and, most importantly; it has helped me celebrate motherhood and my love for all things fashion and beauty.

The other day I was asked why my blog is called “Cool Kids Only”. If you knew throughout my childhood and high school you would certainly appreciate the irony. I was NOT cool at all, not even close. That’s why I thought choosing that name would be really funny (even if it was a private joke).

When I started the blog I was unsure of what I wanted it to be about, if anyone would read or how long I would be able to keep it up. But here we are, a whole year later and I couldn’t be more proud of my humble little blog. Through blogging I have discovered so many brilliant blogs and they have all made me want to be a better blogger myself. While I am still not entirely sure of the route I want to take with my blog, I definitely know what kind of blogger I want to be.  The kind that is authentic and supportive of other bloggers. One who is truthful and approachable and hardworking .Am I all of that right now? I don’t know yet, but here’s to another year of working on that.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Thank you for every comment, share, mention and retweet. You would never know just how much it means to me. Bear with me while we attempt this for another year.

                            REST IN PEACE JAELYN: 2012- 2014 L

                                                 TILL LATER, LAUREN!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TRENDING: Cut out boots

Every now and then a shoe comes along that I am completely fascinated with but, also completely terrified of. At the moment that shoe is the cut out bootie. For quite some time now it’s been on my radar and I have spotted it on celebrities, off duty models and fashion bloggers the world over. While I completely adore how it looks on everyone else; I am not exactly sure my thin legs would be able to do them justice. And yet I still desperately want to get my hands on a pair. From the street style snaps I have seen these boots seem super versatile. It can be worn with flirty frocks or you can go the rocker chic route with black skinnies and a leather jacket. Whatever you personality desires.

                                                          Wear them with leggings

                                                                   Or socks...

                                                              How gorgeous are they?




* I do not take credit for the images in this post

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                                                         TILL LATER, LAUREN 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Live at your own pace

In life I have always been a bit of a late bloomer. When I was younger it didn’t really matter. I couldn’t be bothered with how my accomplishments measured up to those of my peers. However, once you grow older it certainly becomes more difficult to ignore the pace at which everyone else is living their lives.

In the last 6 months my two best friends both reached major milestones in their lives. One got married and the other, newly engaged, started planning her wedding. This obviously caused a whole lot of “so when are you getting married” questions to be shot my way. I mean really? Is it fair for people to assume that just because my best friends took the plunge, I should be doing the same otherwise I’ll be the odd one out? While I definitely want to get married one day, I am really still trying to figure out most things in my life. This made me think, could you imagine if we all lived at the same pace? Imagine how tedious and ordinary life would be. There would be no learning from each other, no surprises in life and nothing to make us different from one another.  We would all think and live the SAME.

It’s difficult when you feel like others are achieving way more than you are even though you work just as hard. But the truth is that we all live at a different pace for a reason. You can’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s tenth chapter. Live your life at your own pace. You’ll soon realise you are exactly where you are supposed.

                                                              TILL LATER, LAUREN!