Monday, March 5, 2018


A few weeks ago on a whim, and because at the time whenever I looked at my body I wished it belonged to someone else, I joined FIT CLUB. A group of women (and some men) doing power work outs every Tuesday and Thursday.

You see, 7 years later I still haven't bounced back from my pregnancy body and, if I'm being completely honest, I did not make much of an effort to get back in shape. I was too happy to hide behind excuses.

So one morning after I saw a friend posting about the class I packed my bag, went to work as usual and anticipated what my first work out since forever would be like. As the day went on I started making so many excuses not to go. If you work with me, you'd probably never guess that I am the queen of excuses. But only excuses when it comes to personal growth. For so long I have been my own worst enemy. Let me tell you what triggered my sense of motivation.

My fiance is an amazing guy and not once has he said something about my not-so-perfect body. In my state of insecurity however, I was always picking fights with him whenever he mentioned anything about weight. I realised something needed to change drastically and so I got my nerve together and went to my first FIT CLUB. And let me tell you, I haven't looked back ever since.

Not only is it an amazing work out ( I sweat like a pig everytime) but, it's such a supportive environment with people encouraging each other every step of the way. The coach is someone you can count on for advice as well as healthy eating tips. This was exactly what I  needed in my life. It gave me a different sense of purpose and I started to look at my body in a way that's appreciative of what it can do for me instead of what it lacks. I don't know where this journey will take me but, I am excited for the future. FIT CLUB has brought me back to life and for that I will forever be thankful :-)