Friday, June 30, 2017

Identity Crisis this case...a good one! It's so extremely easy to get carried away with every little trend just because some celebrity is wearing it or your somewhat trendy friend makes it look halfway decent. However, everyone of us live , think, work and socialise differently so why on earth would you want to be part of the "sheeple" and fade into the crowd?

 You don't have to ride the wave every time a new trend surfaces. In order to discover your true style you first have to know who you truly are. Ask yourself a bunch of questions before you go shopping. The last thing you want is to end up with clothes that make you feel frumpy and frankly, unloved! (Yes,ill fitting clothes can make you feel unloved). The more you understand your body type, work requirements and socializing methods, the more use you will get out of your wardrobe and the better you will feel about yourself.

 So you see having an identity crisis is not necessarily a bad thing ( I am going through one myself). It will force you to discard all the layers you have taken on over the years and rebuild yourself from the ground up. Just as  you would like to be and not how you assume you should be.

  • Ask yourself who's style do you admire (local or international)
  • Cut out pictures from magazines and create your own style book (only things you genuinely like).
  • Make note of what you feel best in and how many similar items you own.
  • Don't be afraid that someone will insult your clothing choices (not everyone is going love your style)
  • And if all else fails, I have rounded up a few ladies below with their own distinctive style and personality, if they can be individualists, SO CAN YOU!
Kourtney Kardashian 
Zoe Kravitz
Margaret Zhang 
Aimee Song
Kim Kardashian West
Olivia Palermo 
Bonang Matheba
Solange Knowles
*I do not take credit for the images in this post. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: L'oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub

When I first saw the Loreal Pure Clay Glow Masks I was undeniably curious but, I never got around to actually purchasing it. So when the Pure Clay Glow Scrub came out I wasted no time. Bloggers and influencers were raving about the masks so I had high expectations for the scrub. Let me tell you about the product.

The Glow scrub consists of 3 clays: Kaolin (known to absorb impurities and excess sebum), Montmorillonite  (helps eliminate imperfections) and Ghassoul (renowned to help clarify complexion). The scrub also contains Red Algae which is known for its brightening properties.

I was a little sceptical when I read that the scrub promises immediate results but, I was pleasantly surprised. There was a noticeable difference right after the first use. My skin appeared to be more radiant and my pores were visibly tightened. I have to say that my favourite thing about the scrub ( apart from the mint packaging ) is the gorgeous smell. And I say gorgeous because it is literally that good.

For me, this scrub ticks all the boxes. First of all it is really easy to rinse off. I mean no one has time to spend rinsing and rinsing in the morning. The formula is really creamy and not harsh at all which makes it perfect for everyday use. It retails for R99,95 for 150ml and since you only use a little at a time it is definitely worth the purchase. Guys, I am really struggling to find any cons regarding this scrub. I really adore it.

What do you think about this scrub? What scrubs are you currently using? I would love to hear from you.


*Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased.

Friday, June 9, 2017

First impression: Palmer's Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

I love the idea of winter . I've created this fantasy in my head that it's all about cozy knits, delectable hot drinks and nights spent under a blanket with a good book. The reality however, is not as rosy. Winter can be harsh. Those early morning's as well as the weather wreaking havoc on my skin and hair is brutal. This is especially true when it comes to my hair. Winter has never loved my hair and the feeling is mutual. Which is why I have decided to put in a little  ( ok a lot) extra effort into taking care of my locks. I love deep conditioners and when I spotted this Palmers Deep Condioning Protein Pack I was excited to give it a try.

I am low key obsessed with coconut so anything that contains it immediately gets my attention. First of all, this hair mask smells incredible. I kept it on my hair for half an hour but, the smell lasted for almost 3 days. (Could have been longer but I was at a braai).

While I only used the protein pack once, I could see the difference instantly. It's perfect for dry, damaged and colour treated hair. It contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes and the new advanced formula with monoi and vitamin E helps with hydrating, repairing and shine.

And now for the best part. It retails for R25 at Clicks. I am absolutely inlove with this product and I can't wait to use the rest of the products in the Palmer's range.

Have you used this hair mask before? I would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Skirts in winter? Of course!

By the time I finally figured how to get the skirt/dress look right for summer we were at the beginning of our winter in South Africa. Needless to say I was not ready to let go yet. While it is much easier to just pull on a jeans and a coat, I decided that this winter I would be a little more experimental.

 So when the colder days started to roll around I decided not to pack away my skirts and dresses; instead I started thinking of items I could add to make them more winter friendly. This suited my budget as well. While I always want to look my best, as a mother, I am always thinking of ways to save rather than splurge.
 As per usual, I turned to the internet to get my dose of inspiration to aid me in my latest challenge. I have also decided that I want to do a few (decent) look posts soon, that is if I have the guts to actually take some pictures. I hope you guys enjoy the images.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post