Saturday, December 8, 2018

Look posts and life lessons

Wow. Can you believe we are only a few days away from the new year? What a rollercoaster 2018 has been. I'm really surprised that I made it through without having some sort of a breakdown. It's been a rough one.

But let me not pretend 2018 was all bad. For starters, I got engaged this year to my best friend. My child is happy and healthy and excelling at school and I finally feel like I've found a balance between work and a social life. 2018 is also the year I made a conscious decision to put my mental health first. With the year riddled by so many celebrity suicides; it was no longer something I could take lightly.

Lastly, this year I learned to accept  this body of mine exactly as it is. I'm no longer walking around thinking I have be a certain size in order to be fashionable or stylish. I appreciate my curvier body and I work with it instead of trying to cover it up.

I'm not one to do look posts too often but I couldn't resist showing of my fanny pack :) While I love being on trend, comfort will always be my first priority. I just wanted to do a simple boots and jeans combo because this  is something I would actually wear on a regular day. I'm so glad my love convinced me to take some pictures. I hope you guys enjoy it.

What is your wish for 2019? I would love to hear from you .

*Jeans, glasses and fanny pack : Mr Price
*Boots : Miladys
*Top: gifted


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pencil me in.

I live for pencil skirts. They are just about the only kind of skirts I can wear without looking frumpy. When your behind is as big as mine you dont take chances looking frumpy. 

However, pencil skirts are often associated with the more formal or corporate world and its not an item you would consider to be casual. But fashion leaves nothing untouched. I love the idea that a pencil skirt can be dressed up or down. This post is dedicated  to finding ways to making the pencil skirt an everyday item instead of only for the office.

Denim anything is the perfect way to bring some casual into your wardrobe. And a plaid shirt; but tuck it in to give you that carefree but polished look.

Or try a bad ass leather skirt and take it a step further with a leather jacket.

If its slightly chilly outside pair your pencil skirt with a shirt and sweater. Side note: how cute is this skirt?

Be your most authentic self. Add layers and over-the-top shapes if your skirt is more on the plain side.

Last, but not least. Switch up the footwear. Nothing says "modern" like adding a pair of sneakers.  Add a lightweight bomber and you are good to go.

How do you wear your pencil skirt? I would love to hear from you!

*I do not take credit for the images in this post


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


I remember buying my first matte lip kit not too long ago. It was very cheap and, everytime I wore it, I couldn't smile. Luckily, I have since learned from my mistakes. 

I'm very hesitant when it comes to trying new products because I always think, if its not broken why fix it? But,I was beyond curious when I saw everyone raving about Revolution Make Up on social media. Initially, I wanted to try out a foundation but, the matte lip kits had my attention right from the start. Allow me to tell you what I thought about the product.

The Revolution Retro Luxe matte lip kit  contains a lip liner and a matching liquid matte lipstick. The shade I chose is called Echelon and it's a beautiful blush shade that actually suprised me. I'm usually into browns. I love the texture because its not dry at all and I can actually smile with this one on. Bonus!  The lipstick looks and feels gorgeous for most of the day and when I do reapply it doesn't feel uncomfortable. We've all been left a little tight lipped by matte lipsticks before.

I adore the packaging as well. The black and gold box looks chic and expensive. And the best part is that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This retails for R124,95. How often do you find a liquid lipstick that is affordable and great quality? I love it when I can actually afford something and it doesn't leave me dissapointed. (Unfortunately some of us still have to buy our own things lol).

So now I'm setting out the get to know the rest of the Revolution crew and  I look forward to it.  Is there any Revolution products you think I should get? I would love to hear from you!


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Trend post: The dad sneaker

Who would have thought that something  so impossibly unattractive  would become so incredibly  COOL. Do we have Kanye or Virgil Abloh to thank for the dad sneaker becoming the  ultimate  style symbol?

I remember  when I first saw the Yeezy collection and thinking  "who would pay for something  this ugly"? And now, I desperately want a pair. But this is a tricky trend to pull off.  It could either go surprisingly right or horribly wrong. It seems that the only rule is the uglier the sneaker; the higher the confidence level has to be.

Remember  when Kim was parading around in biker shorts and dad sneakers? If that's not the epitome of confidence than I don't know what is. The actual reason I fell inlove  with the trend is because  of blogger Sian Eckles from . Not only is she the queen of the dad sneaker, she makes it look sexy and effortless. Which is what I think the trend embodies.

The fashion industry is moving away from the notion that something has to be painful of uncomfortable in order for it to be recognized as "fashion". This is definitely  a concept  I want to embrace  wholeheartedly  which is why I was inspired  to write this post.

So what are your thoughts on this trend? Is it something you would try? I'll wait until I find a pair that speaks to me and by then it would probably be long forgotten. But for now...I don't see the trend going anywhere. Except maybe a few front rows.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Confidently Lost

Hi guys.

So I've been trying to get back into the (fashion) swing of things because  I feel I have been playing things way too safe for the last few years.

Everything changed when I had my son. In my head I was still a skinny person and that's how I shopped for things. Not for my actual body. I would buy things with my skinny mentality and instantly regret it when  I finally  wore the clothes. It was a vicious cycle and it chipped away at my confidence. 

Over the last few years social media has opened my eyes to so many inspiring individuals. All different body types, all different aesthetics but, they all had one thing in common. They all were unapologetically themselves. I love those streetstyle  shots highlighting accessories and I have decided to take a few myself . I'm taking more risks now and worrying less and I wanted to document it so  that  I can look back every time a feel dull and uninspired. 

I know these won't get me invited to NYFW anytime soon...but they make me so damn happy! 

*Shoes: Legit
*Stockings: The Fix
Jeans: Mr Price 

*Shirt: Gifted
*Necklace : Too old to remember
*Glasses: The Fix 


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

On the fence: Beauty Edition

Hi everyone!

Hopefully  the week has been  treating you well and if it hasn't, we can only go up from here. I had a lot of fun doing my previous  post (On the fence) so I decided to extend  the series to beauty products as well. While I'm not necessarily on the fence about  the two products  I'm reviewing  today...I was in the beginning.

 I am a  creature  of habit so it's not unusual for me to stay inside my comfort zone.  I had been looking for  a new mascara for quite some time and I have had my eye on this one from Maybelline for longest time so I decided to take the plunge. I'm also not someone who takes hand cream too seriously ( not that I like being ashy) but, its just never been a proirity. Let's talk about the products.

This mascara really frustrated me in the beginning. I kept getting it all over my lids but, I was determined to give it a shot because  I have heard amazing things about it. I'm not sure if it's the small brush or just the way I was holding the wand but, I couldn't get a proper application  at first. However, I was dead set on liking this cult favourite. I paid less than R100 for this one so I'd say it's not a bad investment  for such a low price. Eventually I figured out how to handle the small brush properly and now I reach for this mascara  everyday.

Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black.

The hand cream from  Isabella  Garcia   was a gift from my mom and it really surprised me. I'm unlucky enough to pick up greasy, not easily absorbed formula's but this one is exactly  the opposite. This one is part of a limited edition  set of three so I have two others to try as well but, so far I'm thoroughly impressed.

 It contains notes of white musk, amber, orange blossom, coconut and rhubarb. Fancy hey? It's amazingly creamy without  the greasy residue and leaves my hands both looking and feeling gorgeous. I guess I'm converted  now. The Isabella Garcia  La Parfum Creme Trinite retails for R325 on last time I checked.

Isabella Garcia Last Parfum Creme  in Hypnotique

Are there any products  that you were not completely  sold on at first but adore now? Or maybe the internet really hyped up a product and it left you dissapointed. Tell me about it.  I would love to hear  from you. 


Sunday, September 16, 2018

On the fence: See through shoes

I always post about the trends I love on the blog because I dont have the energy or time to be posting about trends I dont like (blogging is hard work yall). But today, I'm going to switch up things a bit. Today I'm posting about a trend I really want to love but, I'm a little on the fence about.

See through (plastic) shoes have been on my radar for a while now and, while I have seen so many celebrities and street style sensations pull off the look; I'm not sure it's a trend that the regular person can master. For starters, I think your feet have to be exceptional looking to even consider this trend.  Yep, you simply cannot be showing off your average looking feet. You have to do the trend justice.

My other thought is "what happens when my feet starts to sweat"? How will I be walking with slippery feet? Can I add powder to the shoes or how do I keep my feet from sweating in my see-through boots? Ok perhaps I'm putting way too much thought into one trend but, that's just what I do. I over think.

On the runway.
I could probably manage these hey?
Are fishnets the answer to sweaty feet?

As you can see celebs and models make it look so easy but ,I feel like it's their job to sell us dreams.  And as much as I am dying to get a pair of boots like the pair below. I'd rather approach this like I do most new things in life: with copious amounts of research. So if you are reading this, help a girl out. Is this a trend you have tried/would try?  If you have any tips?

I want to need it!
Kim goes a step further and adds a see-through dress.
I would love to hear from you!


*I do not take credit for the images in this post

Friday, August 24, 2018

Hair 911!

I have been on a major mission to get my hair back in shape. And by shape, I mean looking at least decent enough. It gives my confidence such a boost. When my hair looks good, I feel great. So for the past few months I have been going out of my way to find hair care products that will improve my hair overall. In this post you will find three products that I adore at the moment.

*Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo
This shampoo is pleasantly creamy because it contains Amla oil and 6 precious Flower Oils. It promises to nourish and detangle leaving hair more manageable. It's made especially for very dry, curly of afro hair and while I dont exactly fall into either of those categories I thought the shampoo would still be perfect for me. I love that it's a gentle cleanser and prevents breakage. This retails for about R99,99.

*Marc Anthony Grow Long Super Fast Miracle Treatment
I was very intrigued by this tiny little pink tub. For starters, it says "super fast miracle treatment" on the lid and that was enough to persuade me to pay a little bit more than R50 for a 30ml treatment. I've heard amazing things about the Marc Anthony brand and I love this treatment. I've been using it for less than a month so I am yet to see how much of a miracle it really is but, I'll continue using it. I love the thick consistency and the delicious smell.

*Pantene Repair & Protect Instant Split End Mender Serum
I've  been trimming my ends every six weeks but, I still needed a little extra help. The Repair and Protect range have always been good to me so this serum was a no brainer. It leaves my hair extremely nourished without weighing it down or making it greasy. I appreciate that. I paid R39,99 for this serum on special.

Getting my hair back to being even half way decent won't be an easy journey but, its one that I am looking forward to. What are your favourite hair care products at the moment? I would love to hear from you.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

White noise

When I was little I owned a pair of white Spice Girl sneakers and let me tell you they were hideous. And then came my first pair of white church shoes and, if it's even possible, they were worse!

As you can imagine I don't exactly have cute memories attached to white shoes. Up until recently though. Now, I know white shoes have often been linked to being either frumpy or granny-ish, but the streets have changed my mind. I have slowly been falling inlove with how bloggers and street style stars have been incorporating white shoes into their looks. It makes me think that a regular ol' girl like me could pull off white shoes just as well. Let's explore.

Top to toe denim looks can border on being boring but, I feel like a white shoe adds an element of chic. It gives the denim such a modern look.

White shoes do not have to be bland . Try a pair with unexpected details to stop it from  looking to "churchy". Zips, frills and sparkles will take your white shoes to a whole new level.

Up until now I have never thought that white boots could look anything but cheap. An over the knee pair looks especially fashion forward. Keep the rest of your look simple so the boots can be the main focus.

As you can see, white shoes go with everything in your closet. From dresses to coats and even boyfriend jeans. It even looks fabulous with a suit.

White heels add an instant glam factor to any outfit and I can't wait to try the trend myself. Do you own a pair of white shoes? How would you style yours? I would love to hear from you!


*I do not take credit for the images in this post.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Make-Up hacks that changed my life!

How pretty is the picture I took on my phone?

Beauty, along with fashion, could always cheer me up even on my worst days. As a teenager I wasn't afraid to experiment or explore with new beauty trends. Naturally, it didn't always work out for the best but, it gave me a chance to see what does work.

Scouring the internet and reading other blogs and magazines helped me discover beauty hacks that has made my life easier. In this post I'd like share some of my favourite and most treasured beauty tips.

* Fill in your brows
I have never considered filling in my brows before reading about it on beauty blogs. It gave my face a whole new look. I tried powder but, a pencil is definitely better for me. Groomed brows frame the eyes and makes a huge difference to any face.

*Wear a primer
Like I have said in my previous post, I have never found primer to be much of a necessity but, after discovering a few cult favourites I don't go without it. Not only does it make your foundation look a million times better but, some primers you can even wear without foundation and look amazing.

*Invest in a good foundation
Nothing is worse than a foundation that's either the wrong shade or one that does not give proper coverage. You might have to spend a little extra time and money in order to find a suitable foundation but, it will be worth it. Also, make sure you put foundation on your neck too. You dont want to be walking around like it's your face with someone else's neck.

*Put your dry shampoo on the night before
I have made this mistake many times. Putting dry shampoo on in the morning and heading out. My hair would end up looking all powdery and dull. Now I make sure I put it on the night before so the product has enough time to work. This doesn't happen with all dry shampoos but, I would rather not take the chance.

*Wear lipstick when you can
I used to be the girl that never wore lipstick. Now, I own way too many to even excuse. I have so many shades and it perks up my mood and face even when I'm not wearing other make up. Lipstick is a confidence booster.

What are some of your go to beauty hacks? The ones that you swear by and pass on every chance that you get. Do share them with me. I would love to hear from you.


* I do not take credit for the images in this post