Trend post: The dad sneaker

Who would have thought that something  so impossibly unattractive  would become so incredibly  COOL. Do we have Kanye or Virgil Abloh to thank for the dad sneaker becoming the  ultimate  style symbol?

I remember  when I first saw the Yeezy collection and thinking  "who would pay for something  this ugly"? And now, I desperately want a pair. But this is a tricky trend to pull off.  It could either go surprisingly right or horribly wrong. It seems that the only rule is the uglier the sneaker; the higher the confidence level has to be.

Remember  when Kim was parading around in biker shorts and dad sneakers? If that's not the epitome of confidence than I don't know what is. The actual reason I fell inlove  with the trend is because  of blogger Sian Eckles from . Not only is she the queen of the dad sneaker, she makes it look sexy and effortless. Which is what I think the trend embodies.

The fashion industry is moving away from the notion that something has to be painful of uncomfortable in order for it to be recognized as "fashion". This is definitely  a concept  I want to embrace  wholeheartedly  which is why I was inspired  to write this post.

So what are your thoughts on this trend? Is it something you would try? I'll wait until I find a pair that speaks to me and by then it would probably be long forgotten. But for now...I don't see the trend going anywhere. Except maybe a few front rows.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post.