Monday, October 17, 2016


This week was an eye opener to me. You may or may not have seen a video that surfaced of a teenage girl spitting nothing but profanities. While I was shocked (flabbergasted to say the least); I experienced emotions such as anger and ultimately sadness.

How does a young, beautiful girl come to conclusion that embarrassing ,not only herself ,but also her family, is anything but vulgar? While I'm sure she won't live that video down for a long time to come, I also hope something positive can come from her sudden notoriety.

In the video there is one thing that stood out for me. She says ,after listing a few physical attributes, "I am not conceited, I just love myself ". While her idea of self esteem or idea of self love is obviously distorted, it got me thinking. How can I turn such a terrible situation into something we can all learn from?

Hence ,I decided on the hastag #ijustlovemyself. The plan is to get us all to practice self love but list all the things that the naked I can't see. Things like the fact that you are a good friend, or you just completed your first marathon. Things that make your heart happy.
List them, tweet them, share them for the world to see. (Please tag me if you can @CkoBlog)

The young lady in question will probably not see this post but, if she does I hope she realizes this : as women we are already under so much scrutiny from everyone else, we need to be kind and supportive towards each other. We are all so much more than our appearance. We are strong. We are beautiful. No one should make us believe any different.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Revlon Highlighting Palette & L.A girl Matte lipstick

I like to buy things that won't make me feel guilty in the long run. Meaning, the quality has to be great, it has to make my life easier and it has to last me a while. Which is why I am beyond excited to share this next review.

This Revlon Highlighting Palette and L.A girl Matte lipstick are my two go to products at the moment. They both  brighten up my face and make me feel really amazing.

Let's talk about this stunning palette. It's a highlighter, blush and bronzing palette all in one and I love that it saves me a ton of time in the morning. I dust it on my cheek bones, forehead and bridge of my nose and I have got a healthy glow in a matter seconds. This is definitely on my repurchase list! ( PS. It was purchased as part of a set).

Then there's this gem from L.A girl. While it might seem like a moody winter colour, I think its an amazing update to your face even in summer. The colour is called Va Voom and is a matte texture. The staying power is great too and when the colour does fade , its a beautiful berry stain. But, if matte is not your thing, you can still use the lipstick. The end of this lipstick screws off to reveal a little tub of gloss to go over the matte lipstick. I have to admit, this is what really won me over. Ofcourse I'm going to repurchase this one too. It retails for about R59,99.

Have you used either of these products. I would love to hear from you. 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.  


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trend post: Oversized denim jackets

Relaxed. Effortless. Unbothered. These are only some of the words that come to mind when I think of oversized denim jackets. It's a trend that's loved by both A-list starlets and fashion insiders. I enjoy keeping an eye on trends that are both locally and internationally worn and this is definitely one of those.

What I adore about the oversized denim jacket is that it just screams uncomplicated style. It says " yes I love fashion, but I'm not trying too hard." As with all my trend posts I've scoured the internet to find looks that will inspire both my readers and myself. These are some of my favourite looks.

How would you style your oversized denim jacket?

*I do not take credit for the images in this post