Monday, August 14, 2017

Perspective : small victories

An article in one of the Glamour S.A. magazines titled "11 accomplishments that are bigger than they may seem" had me thinking. Why is it that we emphasise our minor failures so much but,hardly celebrate the small victories? Are we hardwired to focus on what we lack so much so that we neglect to recognize accomplishments if they are not colossal?

Celebrating small victories is good for the soul. At least that is what I think. With everyone on social media living their best lives (and making sure we know), its almost impossible not to feel like you constantly have to prove yourself. Like you have to keep up with everyone and everything. This is exactly why giving yourself a pat on the back is essential.

Celebrating the many things you achieve every day (no matter how small) makes you feel less depressed overall. This is something I know very well. To cope with my depression I started making lists of the things I was doing right. While this is no instant cure for depression, it helped me to take a step back and look at my problems from a different perspective. When I did fail at something, it didn't feel so major anymore. Instead it became learning opportunities.

While life may not be easy all the time,  there's no reason to make it more difficult by dismissing the small things that make life more bearable. Celebrate your small victories...even if no one else does...celebrate them for you.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gilty pleasure

It’s been a while since I have done one of these “blogspiration” posts. Let me tell you, being a mom to a hyperactive, explorer of a 6 year old leaves little time to seek out fashion inspiration. However, I do get the urge to be a little fabulous every now and then. 

Lately my motto has been “when in doubt, add a little gold’. Touches of gold can make even the most basic, most inexpensive outfit look amazing and well put together. In this post I’ve compiled images of some of my favourite ways to add a little gold to your life. I hope it provides you with bucket loads of inspiration. Enjoy the pictures!

*I do not take credit for the images in this post. 


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mom of all trades

Being a mom is simultaneously the most rewarding and most exhausting thing any woman can experience. Naturally having a baby can wreak havoc on your style and appearance. I wont lie, there were many days I used a beanie to cover up my "soolkous" and avoided going out all together because I couldn't summon the energy to put on a decent outfit.

 But a fashionista at heart cannot be tamed. I found that, the more I made an effort to spruce up my appearance, the happier I became. As my self esteem grew, so did my patience and willingness to find a few minor tips and tricks to remain stylish. Provided, between the expenses of having a growing baby and dealing with a whole new body type, not much money or willpower is left for anything fashion related.

Which is why I have decided to compile a little list of the things that got me through my "most unstylish period ever". Now don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself an expert and I still spend the odd day on sweatpants and slippers. But in an attempt to regain my former lust for fashion I have figured a few life (and dignity) savers along the way.

1. Do spend enough money on flats
 And I am not talking about regular flats. OH NO! I mean the kind of flats you would not mind showing off to your friends or going to lunch date in. I love colours and prints. If your flats are eye catching and pretty, many of your other sins become less noticeable.

2. Boyfriend jeans are both stylish and comfortable
It took me ages to find a flattering pair and now I could practically live in them. You can pair them with anything from a plain t-shirt for a play date or a sheer blouse on date night. And even better; they look awesome with flats too.

3. Ditch the ugly nappy bag
I always used to carry around too many things "just in case" my son needed something. As your baby gets older you get to travel with less baggage because you have figured out what you might need and what not. I love colour block shoppers. They are big enough to carry all you necessities , but also stylish so you don't have to walk around hiding your bag from hell.

4. Limit your accessories
It might be tempting to pile on bracelets or statement neckpieces, but I know from experience that after carrying a baby around for a bit they only become a great source of irritation. More often than not the baby or toddler starts to pull at them and you have to remove them anyway. I find that stud earrings, cuffs and watches are much easier to wear on days you spend with the little one. There is such a variety in stores that you don't have to worry about looking drab.

5. Wear decent (if not great) underwear
I am ashamed to say that underwear is always dead last on my list of worries. Needless to say, I have spent countless  days fussing over bra straps and unflattering panty lines. This can really ruin ones day and no one needs a boob popping out while running around after your baby. I suggest comfortable but stable and feel- good underwear. Lace and frills though, is probably not a good idea.

How do you spruce up your outfits when on mommy duty? I hope this post has been at least semi useful to you. Feel free to share some of your tips with me.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post.