Friday, October 20, 2017

The pants that stole my heart

Hey everyone!

I wasn't planning on sharing these pictures as part of a lookpost but I love the colour palette so much that I thought why not. I wore this outfit to run some errands the other day. For me, comfort is key. Now I hear you asking, who runs errands in heels? Let me tell you...these are by far the most comfortable heels I have ever worn.

I love wearing a body suit and I think that the waterfall cardigan softens the look and makes it slightly more casual. The material from the bodysuit and cardigan is super light weight and perfect for the warmer days.

These pants I got on sale at Legit and it was one of my best buys. It's got a bit of a stretchy legging feel to it but it is pleated in the front like chinos which gives it a more polished look. 

Everyone who knows me knows I am a sunglasses type of girl. These were my most recent purchase from The Fix (my favourite store at the moment ).  They have such nice things without having to break the bank. This was one of my favourite looks.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


With the warmer days rapidly approaching over here in South Africa everyone is looking for easy ways to look stylish and comfortable. The summer months represents a carefree, effortless feel and the body suit definitely fits the bill.

A body suit is one of the most uncomplicated pieces to wear. There are so may ways to incorporate it into your style. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers to run errands, with a pencil skirt for date night or under a blazer to the office. The possibilities endless. 

Let me keep it real with you though, the only issue you might have with the body suit is when it comes to going to the bathroom. Lol..this is why I prefer one that clips between the legs instead of the bathing suit style. But that is entirely up to you.

I have rounded up a few of my favourite body suit looks in this post. Not only is the body suit sexy but it is also versatile.

How are you wearing your body suit at the moment? I would love to hear from you. And if you have a blog, drop me your link in the comment section.

*I do not take credit for the images in this post. 


Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Lately : October 2017

I love reading these life lately posts. Getting to know bloggers on a more personal level makes me want to keep up with their posts more often. Like catching up with a friend. I have done a few "life lately" posts in the past and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Basically, its just me filling my readers in about what's going on in my life. Nothing specific really, just bits and pieces of my day to day. 

I have gotten into the habit of taking more and more outfit posts lately even though its just for instagram sometimes. I enjoy sharing what I wear and I'll definitely be posting more.

Clearly my son is alot better at this than I am. We spend alot of time together and I one of those moms who constantly takes pictures. Also, Xylon is one of the funniest people I know.

I recently did a post where I discussed Standard Bank's  "Business of Fashion Accelerator " program. It's an amazing initiative aiming to give fashion entrepreneurs an amazing opportunity.

I love doing beauty posts for my blog as well. These are some of my recent reviews. P.S. how stunning are those Almay eyeshadows.

I always makes sure I spend time with the people  I love the most. We love game arcades, restaurants and I always take pictures. This was also my first experience with bumper cars.

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed the little bit of insight into my life.  If you have a blog comment with the link. I would love to check it out.


Monday, October 9, 2017


My closet is a mess. Over the last five years I have made quite a few bad decisions when it came to buying clothing. Don’t get me wrong, fashion plays a major role in my day to day life. I love reading magazines and blogs and watching anything on television that has to do with fashion. After having a baby my body changed so much and it completely blindsided me.

Not in a million years could I have anticipated the amount of changes I would go through. I no longer had my flat tummy and I started to dress to cover up, well, everything. You can imagine the torture each shopping trip held for me. To make matters worse, everyone else around seemed to be in the best shapes of their lives. Needless to say, I started to shop to nurse my battered ego instead of making calculated and rational decisions.

So that is where I am at now, a wardrobe SOS. I have a few really good pieces in my closet but they are usually overshadowed by the junk that I bought in my state of weakness.  I figured now that I am finally happy with how my body looks it is time to get my act together, wipe the slate clean and try to do this right. No, my body is not in perfect shape but, now I look at myself differently. I realise that beauty comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes and, once you are at peace with how your body looks, you learn to appreciate it. It gets a lot easier to look after your body. It’s a winning situation all around. Ok, now that my Dr Phil moment is over, let’s get down to business. What better way to start afresh than to make sure I have the basics covered and then to build on that.


* The white T-shirt
* The black turtleneck

* The coat

*The blazer

 *The white button down shirt

* The black long sleeve T shirt
*The neutral cardigan
* The crew neck sweater

* The basic black dress

* The leather jacket
* The versatile denim jacket

* The pencil skirt
* Jeans- that you can pair with anything

*A pair of well fitting cargo pants
* The basic black pants
* A pair of neutral flats

* Classic black heels

* Stand out heels

Once you have the basics you can add more trendy pieces to make your wadrobe more versatile. Let's see how my journey goes from here.....

* I do  not take credit for the images in this post


Friday, October 6, 2017

The Business of Fashion

In the fashion world having a creative mind makes you a powerful force but,  when you have nurtured that same mind with the more formal, business aspect of the industry you might just become an unstoppable force.

That's exactly what the Standard Bank "Business of Fashion Accelerator" program aims to do. With their initiative they want to give fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to experience the business  (perhaps less glamorous) side of the industry.

The program consists of a 2 step application process. Firstly, the online application and then a day long bootcamp in each of the 4 cities to test the applicants on key business skills. Based on these applications, the 12 most promising fashion entrepreneurs will then be chosen to take part in the program.

Partnered with Catalico in Milan (did someone say fashion capital!) the program provides 2 classes a week for 12 weeks in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Along with these classes participants will also get the opportunity to travel across the country to gain first hand experience under the guidance of some of South Africa's most influential fashion personalities.

That alone sounds like an opportunity that will change your life forever but that's not where it ends. The winner will be going on an all expenses paid trip to Europe getting a front row seat in meetings with retailers, wholesale buyers and attending tradeshows. That prize also incudes a car from Meredes Benz , a 12 month brand ambassadorship as well as a Standard Bank SME starter pack. I can only imagine how valuable the knowledge that you will gain from this trip will prove to be and how it will alter the way you run your business.

Some important details you need to know...

* Applications have been open since 11 September and will close on the 11th October 2017.

*Boot camps will run from 16th - 19th October
-Monday 16th : Johannesburg
-Tuesday 17th: Durban
-Wednesday 18th : Port Elizabeth
-Thursday 19th : Cape Town
* At the end of these 12 weeks the participants will have to present their work to an established body of judges.

For more information you can check out the official website

What are you waiting for???


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trend watch: Pyjama Chic

My style is mostly dictated by the fact that I have a strong dislike for being uncomfortable. I hate sore feet, pants that cut into my side an even unbearable bra straps.

Over the years fashion seems to be reaching a new level of comfort.
The old saying "suffer for beauty" seems to have been replaced by designers and brands opting for looks that are not a pain to wear.

Lately, the pyjamas trend has really caught attention. Don't get me wrong...this trend is not about being seen in your old cotton pyjamas. This trend is still sleek and sophisticated albeit super comfortable.

While the pyjamas as day wear trend is all about that laid back, effortless feel; its imperative that you keep the look polished. You don't want to look like you literally just jumped out of bed and hit the streets.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your look does not seem unkempt. Make an effort with your hair and make up. While minimal make up is fine, going without it completely might make you look washed out.

Accessories and footwear are also important. Wear stand out accessories  (things you would never be able to actually sleep in) and footwear that feminine and delicate. This is what will elevate your look from drab to pyjama chic.

Are you planning to get in on this trend? Pyjama chic definitely sounds like a trend I could learn to love. Tell me what you think.


*I do not take credit for the images in this post.