Saturday, April 14, 2018

Review: Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

I'm not the biggest fan of lotion. Don't get me wrong...I'm not the kind of person who likes to be ashy. I just prefer a body mist or bath oil. Something that doesn't require a lot of rubbing and ultimately saves me time. When I saw Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser I was definitely intrigued . First of all the packaging ( a 190ml spray bottle) seemed really fancy. So it's safe to say that I'm a sucker for packaging. That aside, let me tell about the actual product.

The spray comes in 3 variants at the moment. Deep Restore, Cocoa Radiant and Aloe Soothe and they are absolutely perfect for the winter months ahead. They all contain micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly which helps with moisturising and restoring dry skin.

Deep Restore
 The formula is completely non greasy and absorbs quickly and easily into your skin. They also smell and feel amazing and it makes your skin look like the sun licked it ( hello glow).

Cocoa Radiant
 I love the fact that you get to choose which scent you like instead of just having to deal with one scent for everyone. I like every single one of the them but, the Cocoa Radiant  has a bit of a special place in my heart.

Aloe Soothe
So the real question here really is whether its worth the R79 bucks its retailing for? One hundred percent! It does a perfect job of moisturising even the dryest parts of your body, it lasts a long time and it smells divine. What exactly is not to love?

Sidenote: they are on special for R39,99 @Dischem at the moment but I'm not sure for how long so hurry and let me know what you think about it!