Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nominated for a Liebster Award

To be frank, when Naeemah from the Jam Jar blog nominated me for a Liebster award I had no idea what it was. Granted, I have only been blogging for six months. However, as soon as I started doing some research on the matter I realised what a massive compliment it was. Simply put, the Liebster award is an award given to up and coming (and I imagine innovative) bloggers. The aim is to create awareness of these blogs and to give the bloggers some well deserved exposure. I was nominated with ten other bloggers of her choice (the rule is that you have to have less than 200 followers).You then answer a set of questions, nominate your own candidates and relate questions to them. It is like one big blogger group hug :-)

Here are the questions Naeemah posed

1. While you are writing a blog post, which position are you most comfortable in?
    I tend to fall asleep very quickly when I am not supposed to so I do all my posts sitting up right.

2. What do you listen to while blogging?
    Nothing, I get distracted easily so I prefer absolute silence. There's enough noises in my head already.

3. Which beauty item is your holy grail?
    I fell in love with mascara in high school, although at the time I had a very cheap version. I love a good foundation too.

4. What is you favourite tv show?
     The Carrie Diaries and my guilty pleasure is anything on the E channel or Style Network.

5. If you had to pick between a muffin and a cupcake, which one would you take?
     CUPCAKE! I would put icing and sprinkles on that muffin and convince it to be a cupcake :-)

6. How many times have you burned yourself with a hot styling tool?
    Only a few times this year. Lets hope for even less next year.

7. If you could be any Disney character, which one would you be and why?
    Cinderella. I imagine she doesn't have a clothing (or anything) budget and I am a total sucker for a happy ending. Lesson: lying and scheming never works out!

8. Horror, comedy, action, thriller, romcom?
   I have always been a romcom kind of lady but lately I find myself gravitating towards thrillers.

9. Fill in the missing words: I would rather                    than                   ?
    I would rather wrestle an alligator than lose a family member.

10. If you could have anything made in your honour what would it be?
     I would love a stunning pair of shoes but I would settle for a mascara made in my honour.

11. Coca- cola or Pepsi?
      Coke on the rocks :-)

I have really enjoyed doing this post so a huge thank you to Naeemah for finding me cool enough to nominate me. I was nominated a second time and will do a post on that soon. As for me nominating other bloggers, I think choosing 11 would not be fair seeing that I read so many amazing blogs. Therefore I have decided that in my next post I will list all the blogs I enjoy reading and let you guys decide for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this little slice of my world....

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                                                      TILL LATER, LAUREN.