Look posts and life lessons

Wow. Can you believe we are only a few days away from the new year? What a rollercoaster 2018 has been. I'm really surprised that I made it through without having some sort of a breakdown. It's been a rough one.

But let me not pretend 2018 was all bad. For starters, I got engaged this year to my best friend. My child is happy and healthy and excelling at school and I finally feel like I've found a balance between work and a social life. 2018 is also the year I made a conscious decision to put my mental health first. With the year riddled by so many celebrity suicides; it was no longer something I could take lightly.

Lastly, this year I learned to accept  this body of mine exactly as it is. I'm no longer walking around thinking I have be a certain size in order to be fashionable or stylish. I appreciate my curvier body and I work with it instead of trying to cover it up.

I'm not one to do look posts too often but I couldn't resist showing of my fanny pack :) While I love being on trend, comfort will always be my first priority. I just wanted to do a simple boots and jeans combo because this  is something I would actually wear on a regular day. I'm so glad my love convinced me to take some pictures. I hope you guys enjoy it.

What is your wish for 2019? I would love to hear from you .

*Jeans, glasses and fanny pack : Mr Price
*Boots : Miladys
*Top: gifted