Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SINGLE- it's not a dirty word

Why are you single? Its the one question I have come to resent over the past few years. How do you answer that without making the asker think: "hmm well something must be wrong with you then"? How do you conjure up an answer that doesn't cue sympathy and an immediate search for people that would be "perfect for you"? Not surprisingly, people readily assume that when you are single, you are unhappy. While that might be the case in most scenarios; it is not always the truth and I am living proof of that.

Don't get me wrong, I love absolutely everything about the opposite sex. How their smell can linger on our clothes for days. Their ability to remain completely calm when there's a mouse in the house and their adorable determination to fix things that appear broken. However, I don't think fear is a valid reason to date someone. Fear that people might perceive you as a social leper. Fear that you cant be complete on your own or fear of being left out of "couples only" activities. In my opinion, settling for someone who does not deserve you is way worse than being single. Contrary to popular belief, single doesn't always equal lonely. That stigma is forcing so many people to begin and stay in relationships for all the wrong reasons.

I say, if you are happy single, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Learning to love and value yourself will ultimately make your future partners  aware of your worth. AMEN TO THAT!

Remember you are special

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