Sunday, September 25, 2016

Denim+ Suede

I love look posts. I absolutely enjoy seeing what other bloggers wear on a day to day basis. If you read my blog on the regular you would have noticed that I don't do too many lookposts. Firstly, its because I have always thought that you needed a photographer following you around. And, secondly, I only like about every 200th picture I take of myself. Nevertheless, I have decided to get over it and just take some damn pictures.

Now of course these are not the professional fashion blogger pictures you are used to but, its a step in the right  direction. I wore this the other day when I was out to run some errands. This versatile stretch denim dress is a favourite of mine simply because it easily transitions from season to season. I paired it with stockings and my favourite suede boots to accommodate the chilly breeze.

Mind you, this was the one day I decided to use public transport. They ended up striking that same day and I had to walk home from the mall.Atleast I was wearing flats during my long walk home. Glass half full I guess.

Dress: Mr Price 
Grey top: Mr Price 
Boots: Miladys
Stockings : Dischem
Choker : Mr Price  (again)
Watch: gifted 

I plan on wearing this dress so many different ways this summer and hopefully I will get to share those looks as well. Any look posts you would like me to have a look at? I'd love to hear from you.

                TILL LATER, LAUREN!

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