Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eye Spy

Finding make up for work can be somewhat daunting for me. Finding a balance between standing out and still looking professional is not some thing that comes easy for me.Lately, however,  that task has become a little less tedious due to the fact that I have found two absolute gems.

*Catrice Intense Eye Wet and Dry eyeshadow. 

While this eyeshadow looks extremely gold and a bit much for work: trust me it is not. The gold shimmer is subtle and not at all too flashy for work. I will say I find that, when I wet my brush, application is much easier and the staying power increases. There is also no fall out as opposed when I don't wet my brush. I am thoroughly delighted with this eyeshadow.

080 please gold the line
*Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quad

You know how annoying it is when you buy a quad and you only use one or two shades in the quad? Yep. This was not the case with this second beauty also from Catrice. I cant remember if that has ever happened to me. This is great for creating neutral daytime looks and also dramatic night out looks.  I also use one shade to highlight and the darkest one to fill in my brows. The fact that I get so much use out of this quad makes it such a winner for me.

090 Before or after eight 

*I can't remember how much I paid for either of these.

What do you use to create work appropriate looks? I would love to hear from you.


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