Sunday, March 26, 2017

Olive Crush

Have you ever had a crush on a colour. Seriously guys. That's pretty much how I feel about olive green. Especially when it comes to fashion. I am often way too excited at the sight of this colour. Olive green is described as  a "dark yellowish-green colour like that of unripe or green olives" The colour looks especially striking with gold accents or, as I have recently discovered , with pink.

While a full olive ensemble might not be everyone's cup of tea, there are so many ways to introduce the hue into your wardrobe. I love light weight bomber jackets, high waisted shorts and floaty skirts. Olive green might not be your go to colour for spring but, its certainly a refreshing way to liven up your outfits.

What is your take on this colour? Do you think it'll make a big splash this year? If so,  how do you plan to incorporate it into your wardrobe? I would love to hear from you! 


*I do not take credit for the images in this post 

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