How do you coat?

See what I did there? I totally turned it into a verb LOL anyway... While its not exactly cold enough to be pulling out my coat here in South Africa, I couldn't wait any longer to do this post. Wearing your coat over your shoulders is not a brand new trend but, its been especially prominent during the recent fashion weeks. I love how it has become a "thing" and I am sure I will spot a few ladies closer to home rocking their coats this way too come autumn/winter. Not only are the street style elite showing up in this trend but so are noted fashion designers, editors and celebs. While I have never worn my coat in this manner and I really cant imagine restricting my movement so that my coat doesn't slip off, I am certainly going to get a feel for this trend. So how do you coat? And will you be rubbing shoulders with the trend when the colder days arrive?


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