Thursday, September 4, 2014

OOTD - Casual Lunch

Since I hardly ever have anyone to take pictures of me during the day (no one with the patience anyway) I refrain from doing look posts. However, I would still like to share what I wore every now and then and I figured why not do it this way. I realise it is not nearly the same as a proper look post, but I suppose it is better than nothing.  Maybe I am just too terrified to actually pose in front of a camera.This is a quick post on what I wore recently to a pretty laid back lunch with a very good girlfriend of mine. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

* Boyfriends jeans and spike bracelet : Mr Price (Quirky Stylista range)
*Neon trimmed clutch and white T shirt : JET
*Sunglasses: Freebie with Glamour mag
*Shoes: Legit
* Lips ring : Edgars
* Gellac Nailpolish (burgundy) : Yardley

Thank you for reading....

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