Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Words on Wednesday:Happy Birthday Xylon Kenzo

In honour of my beautiful son’s 4th birthday (22 October) I thought it would only be fitting to share some of the lessons motherhood has taught me. Being a mother has certainly been an interesting journey to say the least and no two days are exactly the same.  You have to be beyond patient and a sense of humour is essential. Here are a few other things I have learned from being a mother.

·         With motherhood comes a whole set of new uncertainties. From what formula to use; to are you being strict enough as a parent? You’ll worry every second that your child is out of your sight and at times it will become so scary/ frustrating /tiring that you’ll probably want to cry several times a day. You can’t do it all on your own. It’s ok to need and accept help from people you trust.

·         Going to the toilet will become a sacred, cherished affair. Enjoy going alone while you can. Children have absolutely no problem hanging out with you while you do your business.

·         You will have to learn and remember the names of all Dora’s friends (plus the meaning of a few Spanish words). Questions will be asked and if you don’t want your credibility doubted in the future, you better know the answers.

·         It’s perfectly fine to bribe your child every now and then to get them to do something. Yes, you always want to be in charge but sometimes it’s just not worth the struggle. You have to choose your battles wisely.

·       There comes a time when they don’t listen to you at all, about anything. Don’t take it personally; it has nothing to do with who you are as a parent.

·       Having conversations about poop will become completely acceptable and not at all cringe worthy.

·         Children are undoubtedly like sponges. They observe and copy so much of who we are as parents. Be careful how you talk to and react to your child. This is how they will eventually talk to and treat others.

·        There is no right or wrong way to parent. What works for you, other parents might find unorthodox. That’s all right; we all want our children to be confident individuals so we can’t possibly use someone else’s blueprint for parenting.

·         This one I learned the hard way. You will spend a ton of money on expensive toys and your child ends up enjoying tupperware and empty boxes more. Sometimes I tend to go overboard with buying things that my son couldn’t care less about.

·         Don’t worry about whether you are doing things right. The most important thing you can do is be present. Life passes us by so fast and the last thing you want is to regret not living in the moment and treasuring the little things.

Motherhood is the most fun I have had all my life and I look forward to making new discoveries and learning new lessons as the years go by. Happy Birthday Xylon. You are the love of my life and the reason I smile every day.

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