Saturday, January 30, 2016

New in: Revlon Matte Balm

Anyone who knows me knows I prefer eye make up to any other kind. This stems mainly from being teased as a child for having such big eyes. Fast forward a few years and I was looking for every way to make my eyes look more beautiful. Now I realize having big eyes is actually beautiful in it self.

Enough with the sob story however. Even though I am mostly a creature of habit. I couldnt resist buying these beauties from Revlon.  Apart from the convenient size and the amazing colour payoff; I also love the minty smell of the balms. It goes on smoothly and, even though its a matte formula, it doesn't leave my lips looking or feeling dry. I had to reapply once or twice during the day but I really didn't mind that. I am actually growing really fond of these matte balms. Who knows; I might just start to become a lip make up girl now.

Great packaging! 

From the left: 260 Passionate; 265 Fierce; 205 Elusive.

What's on your lips currently? 


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