Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bags are for free expression

 Gone are the days when a bag was merely a way of transporting all your junk around. Nowadays, a bag speaks volumes about the person who is carrying it. Inspired by my feature on City Girl Vibe blog (read it here ), I realised that the bag has become just as important as the rest of the outfit and is undoubtedly a manner of expressing whatever it is you want the world to know about who you are. Some bags say “I am carefree and couldn’t be bothered”; others say “I am a serious business woman with edge”. Some say “I am a mom with a love for fashion”, while others say “I am a blogger with my finger on the pulse of fashion world”. 

I love the fact that a bag has the power to transform a very plain outfit into an ensemble that looks like it has been carefully thought out. A bag certainly has the power to complete any look. So the next time I  go bag shopping I'll put more thought into what it is that I want my bag to express about me and not make use of my usual “how many things will I be able to fit into it" method. What do you think your bag says about you?

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