Sunday, February 26, 2017

Love is On

There is nothing I love more than buying something and being able to keep it as a souvenir when the product is finished. That was exactly the case when I bought this Revlon Love Is On fragrance. As you might have realised by now, I have alot of love for Revlon products, however I really wanted to be objective about this fragrance. I didn't want to glorify it because I love the brand overall. Let's talk about the scent.

Obviously the packaging is what caught my attention in the first place. I find the heart-shaped bottle both endearing and charming. I love the idea of it being a keepsake. So even if it finishes, I get to display the gorgeous bottle. This also means that the fragrance would make the perfect gift.

What I love about the scent is that its captivating but, not overpowering. Unlike a lot of the headache inducing scents I have come across over the years. It's the kind of fragrance that lingers long after you have applied it. Some of the notes include berry, citrus, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

I bought the fragrance not knowing how much I would enjoy it. It makes me feel both flirty and sensual at the same time. It retails for R399.00 and is definitely a fragrance I would repurchase. How about you? Have you used the Love Is On fragrance before? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you.


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