Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hats, like  many other accessories, is a way of expressing yourself. A manner of telling people exactly who you are without saying a word.

Gone are the days when wearing hats were mainly to cover up bad  hair days. Hats have become very important accessories. Caps are no longer for the post man and big avant garde hats are no longer only for church ladies.

A hat tells the story of your personality. It's as important as the entire outfit and no longer just an after thought or a simple add on. Also, a hat is not limited to one season. It's one of those accessories that you can wear all year around.

So what is your poison?  A beret, wide-brimmed, a fedora or a baseball cap. Whatever you prefer, I am sure this post is bound to inspire you. When you wear a hat you exude the idea of confidence and mystery. It's cool, vibrant and ultimately refreshing.

How do you style your hat? Do you think hats are just as essential as the rest of the outfit? I would love to hear from you.

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