Saturday, May 5, 2018

Beauty on a budget: My must haves

There is nothing I value more than products that don't cost me an arm and a leg but, the quality suggests that it might have. When I shop for make up I always keep in mind that it has to make my life easier.

In today's post I discuss some of my absolute favourite (and inexpensive) must haves. I dont have time to reapply my make up during the day so staying power plays a huge role when it comes to buying products. At first I didn't care much for primers but, after doing some research I realized that a primer is imperative when you want a flawless look. This one from Essence is especially wonderful. The Fresh &Fit Awake primer promises a healthy glow while minimising your pores. I've worn this primer with and without foundation and it looks amazing either way. It retails for R74, 95.

Another winner for me is the Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder. This was my first time using a loose powder so I have to admit I was a bit unsure of its necessity. However, I am glad I gave this powder a chance. It gives me a beautiful matte look and keeps my foundation from looking shiny and tacky. I especially adore it on the warmer days. I bought this on sale for 20 bucks :)

Lastly, I want to talk about the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD concealer. Now this has been a cult favourite ever since I can remember so I was curious to say the least. I use this concealer every single day of my life. I couldn't imagine not using it. For the price (R59,95) its pretty amazing at covering the dark circles under my eyes.

Have you used any of the products in this post? What are your go to products at the moment? I would love to hear from you.


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